Graduate Profile

Graduates of the Manufacturing Engineering S1 Study Program are expected to be able to act as professional, devoted, independent and intellectual individuals in dealing with the world of work as.
Graduate Profile
Research and Development (R&D) supervisor or engineer
Have research and development competence in the company, conduct tests and make their own test equipment and continue to develop new technologies to improve product quality.
Product design and development supervisor or engineer
Have the competence to build a product development system that has the ability to initiate, design, and produce products.
Technical Supervisor
Has competence as a supervisor for the design of machines, tools, and other mechanical equipment, as well as industrial processes. Responsible for overseeing the production, operation, repair and maintenance of equipment.
Production Supervisor
Have the competence to: a) create and supervise worker training schedules that emphasize productivity and resource conservation, b) evaluate each manufacturing process station to ensure maximum efficiency, c) strengthen safety policies and procedures to reduce the potential for work accidents, d) be responsible for the process manufacturing and shipping, and e) inspecting products prior to shipment to ensure accurate labeling and recording.
Supervisor Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC)
Have the competence to: a) compile and maintain an inventory of materials and components as well as status information to expedite the delivery of materials and components between production, b) read production schedules, inventory reports, and work sequences to determine the efficiency and quality of the type and quantity of materials required, availability stock, and order priority.
Quality Control Supervisor
Have the competence to: a) design quality inspection procedures, b) design quality problem reporting flows, c) supervise, guide, and cooperate with inspectors, technicians and other staff, d) understand the desired specifications and standards for production results, e) guarantee quality and consistency of production results, f) ensure immediate action after finding a failed product.
Maintenance Supervisor
Have competence in supervising the maintenance and repair of industrial machines, which includes carrying out preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and maintenance management
Design and manufacturing process consultant
Have competence as a concept development consultant when product functions and specifications are determined. Mastering sketches, drawings, product specifications, alternative designs, detailed understanding of the production and assembly processes, as well as estimates of manufacturing costs, production volumes and product launch times.
Manufacturing entrepreneur
Having the competence of independent professional entrepreneurship that mobilizes all resources and creativity capabilities including recognizing machine products, determining new production methods, arranging operations for procuring new products, to produce higher value machine products.