Monitoring and Evaluation of Learning

To ensure the quality of learning, the S1-Manufacturing Engineering Study Program routinely carries out learning e-Monev at the beginning and end of each semester through the page. The following is a summary of the results of the e-Monev Lecturer Learning based on student perceptions.

A. E-Monev Pembelajaran Awal Semester Genap 2019/2020

B. E-Monev Pembelajaran Akhir Semester Gasal 2019/2020

C. E-Monev Pembelajaran Awal Semester Gasal 2019/2020


The Learning E-Monev Implementation Report can also be downloaded in the following file.

1. Laporan e-monev Akhir Semester Gasal tahun 2020-2021

2. Laporan e-monev Awal Semester Gasal tahun 2020-2021

3. Laporan e-monev Akhir Semester Genap tahun 2019-2020

4. Laporan e-monev Awal Semester Genap tahun 2019-2020