The internship lecturer program in Industry aims to develop the competence of lecturers in accordance with technological developments in the industry. This program was attended by 4 lecturers of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Education. The internship lecturer program in this industry is in collaboration with PT. Chemco Harapan Nusantara, which is a joint venture between Indonesia and Japan, which specializes in the manufacture of high-quality and high-precision goods for Brake systems and aluminum casting parts for 2 and 4-wheeled motorized vehicles. The internship lecturer program in industry will be held on April 12-30 2021. Fourth lecturers who take part in the internship program are divided into several divisions, namely Aris Eko Wibowo, M.Pd. in the maching division, Ardani Ahsanul Fakhri, M.Pd. in the die casting division, Burhan Febrinawarta, M.T. in the product design and engineering division, and Ahmad Fikrie, M.T. in the surface treatment division. With the various knowledge gained during the internship program in industry, in addition to improving the competence of lecturers, it will also be useful as additional insight that can be given to students.