The Covid-19 pandemic is still happening today. However, the pandemic period will not hinder student productivity and creativity, especially with the ability to read opportunities and self-potential so as to avoid depression and stress. This was applied by Arti Rimasani (S1 Chemistry) as team leader, Aji Pamungkas (S1 Manufacturing Engineering), Prawesti Eka L. (S1 Accounting), and Dr. Pujianto, M.Pd. from the Yogyakarta State University Team.

The national scale competition held by the PPNS Electrical and Vessel Student Association with the name Innovation of Energy and Technology Competition (INERGYC) 2021 takes the theme "The Contribution of the Millennial Generation in Achieving SDGs 2030". In this competition, the team from UNY managed to get the first place title which was participated by 83 participants from 40 universities in Indonesia. The final round will be held on May 8, 2021, using the Zoom Meeting application as a media.

Aji as a UNY Manufacturing Engineering student said that his team raised the title "Passion Skin Ice Cream for Type 2 Diabetes Patients to Increase the Income of the Blunyahrejo Community to Support the 2030 SDGs". In this work, Aji and his team focus on increasing the income of the people of Blunyahrejo, Yogyakarta.

“It is known that Blunyahrejo village is known as passion fruit village, and the use of passion fruit is only to be processed into syrup, while the skin is only used as waste. Whereas in passion fruit skin contains many substances that are friendly to type 2 diabetics, so type 2 diabetics can consume ice cream like the general public. It is hoped that in the future the team from UNY can implement this work so that the goal is to increase the economic income of the Blunyahrejo community to support the 2030 SDGs”. Aji said.

Hopefully with this achievement, students in general are more motivated to work and contribute to competitions, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.